The Latest Education Apps And Games for Android

Bass Guitar Tutor Pro
Version RHCP Higher Ground - com.veitch.learntomaster.bgtp
Piano Ear Training Pro
Exercises to achieve perfect pitch and play music by ear. Be a better musician.
Guitar Riff Pro
Guitar simulator to learn your favorite songs and riffs. Solo better!
Voice Training Pro
Train your voice and be a better singer. Learn to sing in tune.
Learn Languages with Memrise
Learn Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, German, Korean, Arabic, Russian + more
Mimo: Learn to Code
Learn Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, Swift, Kotlin, C++, SQL, PHP, C#
WordBit- Английский язык (на блокировке экрана)
🌞 Learn words without noticing
🌞 Words learn by themselves
🌞 On screen lock
MIT AI2 Companion
Develop your very own Android Applications using MIT App Inventor 2!
Anatomy & Physiology
A visually stunning, step-by-step, introduction to each human body system.
Islamic Marriage Guide
Version 2.2.4 - csdevbin.arham.islamicmarriageguide
Collector - Infant Finger Practice
Version 1.1 -
MalMath: Step by step solver
Solve and understand math problems for FREE
Color Dots - Infant & Baby App
Version 2.3 -
Geology Toolkit Premium
Understanding Geology. Discover Minerals, Rocks, Fossils. Essentials of Geology.
Lumosity: #1 Brain Games & Cognitive Training App
Lumosity is the world's most popular brain training program.
Golden Thread Tarot
Lessons, Readings, Journals, Meanings & more. Learn Tarot & Learn about Yourself
The most beautiful and intuitive way to manage your school or university life.
Skarnik - беларускі слоўнік
Russian-Belarusian, Belarusian-Russian Dictionary and the Belarusian language.
Version 4.3 -
이소라 테스트
Version 1.0 -
Version 2.2 - jp.smarteducation.tofusushi
School Planner
School Planner has arrived – are you ready to throw away your paper diary?
NAVER Korean Dictionary
6.57M words and 2.84M examples!
Ad-free Korean search and language learning!
Historical Calendar - Events and Quizzes
Want to know what happened on each day throughout history?
Amusement Park Flashcards PRO
★ No Ads , offline mode
★ Five different puzzle games
★ Easy drawing pen
Surah Yasin
Read Surah Yaseen with Translation, Transliteration and Recitation by 2 Reciters
Star Walk 2 Free - Identify Stars in the Sky Map
Night sky map to spot stars, planets, meteors, ISS, comets in the sky above
Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium 3D: Planets System
Encyclopedia of the Solar system - planets and stars view, universe exploration
SkyView® Lite
SkyView®, an augmented reality space app, brings stargazing to everyone!
SkySafari 5
Astronomy Night Sky Guide & Star Map To Finding Stars, Constellations & Planets
Star Chart
The magical augmented reality star gazing and astronomy app.
Identify lights in the night sky, predict Iridium flares, ISS and sat passes
Starlight - Explore the Stars
Version 2.0.6 - com.gyrocade.starlight
Wabbitemu creates a perfect replicate of your TI calc on your Android device
U-Dictionary: English offline
Version 4.1.5 - com.youdao.hindict
Hanna & Henri - The Robot
Version 2.0 - com.hannahenri.hannaandhenri2
Hanna & Henri - The Party
Follow the story together with Hanna & Henri and go to a party!
Learn Czech words with Smart-Teacher
Learning words in pictures with pronunciation, translation and practice
Speak Russian with MosaLingua
Learn to speak Russian fast with MosaLingua
Piano Melody Pro
Piano game to learn your Favorite Tunes.
Create and publish your own Android apps on your smartphone!
Quick Pronunciation Tool
The fastest and simplest way to improve your pronunciation.
Programming Hub: Learn to Code
Coding and programming app to learn HTML,Python,Javascript,C,C++,C#,Java & more
Toca Hair Salon Me
Version 1.0 - com.tocaboca.hairsalonme
VOA Learning English - Practice listening everyday
Learn English with stories from a special program of the Voice of America (VOA)
Create and play quizzes on the go, have fun and learn something new!
Perform physics experiments with your phone. (by the RWTH Aachen University)
Periodic Table 2019 - Chemistry
✏️A large amount of data on chemical elements, completely free of charge
Classroom & School Messaging Tools
Nearpod is an EdTech solution, transforming teaching and engaging every learner.
Make any video your lesson!
PlantNet Plant Identification
Observation and help for the identification of wild plants
Yandex.Translate – offline translator & dictionary
Free translator that can work offline and translate text from photos
Complex calculator & Solve for x TI-36 TI-84 Plus
Simulator for texas & instruments scientific calculator, Complex number calculus ENEM 2017 e Vestibulares
Version 33 -
Periodic Table 2019 PRO - Chemistry
😂Do you know the valence of Gold and Fluorine?
In the app there are answers ...
Photomath - Camera Calculator
Version 4.0.2 - com.microblink.photomath
Master in Android
Android programming tutorials, Run Kotlin code, Convert Java to Kotlin code...
Create a page. Put anything on it. Invite your friends. Share with the world.
Tutorial For Rubik's Cube
Learn the fastest and easiest method to solve the Rubik's Cube.
Hindi English Translator - English Dictionary
Now translate from English to Hindi easily in offline mode from your phone.
Math Tricks
This program is dedicated to showing you a variety of interesting math tricks.
Visualize recent global climate data from NASA's earth science satellites in 3D
Graphing Calculator - Algeo | Free Plotting
Free Calculus calculator for plotting, analyzing, drawing functions
ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes Videos Pro – Learning App
ChuChu TV – The World's Most Popular Nursery Rhymes & Educational Songs For Kids
Perfect Ear - Ear Trainer
A music school in your pocket: solfège, ear training, rhythm training exercises.
Toca Life: Neighborhood
Move into your new block
Maths Formulas Free
Version 9.6 - com.nsc.mathformulas.lite
Physics Formulas Free
Version 3.1 -
Quiz Code de la Route 2019 Gratuit
Version 1.6 - com.vialsoft.drivefrbfreemium
Toca Life: Pets
Version 1.1-play - com.tocaboca.tocapets
Toca Life: School
Version 1.4-play - com.tocaboca.tocaschool
Toca Life: After School
Version 1.1-play - com.tocaboca.tocaafterschool
Toca Life: Office
Version 1.1-play - com.tocaboca.tocaoffice
Toca Life: Hospital
Version 1.1.1-play - com.tocaboca.tocahospital
ÜniSeç -  2019 YKS Taban Puan ve Başarı Sıralaması
YKS TYT AYT Access to Baseline Points from Shortcut
Ayat - Al Quran
Version 2.9.1 -
Peak – Brain Games & Training
Train Your Brain With The Most Popular Brain Training Games On The Play Store 🚀
Learn Chinese-Manga Mandarin-漫中文
Learn Chinese and HSK via original comics
Easily collect, visualize and analyze sensor data collected on your einstein™
Quizlet: Learn Languages with Flashcards for Free
Learn with flashcards! Study foreign language, math, science & more for free!
Khan Academy: Free Learning App
Free videos, exercises, tests for math, science and more.
QPython3 - Python3 for Android
QPython3 is a port of Python3 for android
NeuroNation - Brain Training & Brain Games
Brain Trainer + Memory Training & Brain Teasers to improve Focus, Logic, Memory
Learn English - ABA English
Do you want to learn English? Join millions of other ABA English students 🇬🇧
Shamela books Library
Download, read, and parallel search a library of 6111 books
fantasy computer for making, playing and sharing tiny games.
Toca Kitchen Sushi
Let’s get cooking!
SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free
Learn, share, and connect with coders from around the world!
Dcoder, Compiler IDE :Code & Programming on mobile
Dcoder compiler: a mobile code compiler ide,where one can code, learn Algorithms
Mathway is the world's #1 problem solver.
JPCSIM - PC Windows Simulator
PC Simulator that will make you think you have an PC in your Smartphone.
VICI app
Innovative platform for students to make the learning more effective and fun!
Beelinguapp: Learn Languages Music & Audiobooks
Learn Languages reading Side by Side with Audio! Spanish, German, French & More
Insight for Living
The Insight for Living app!
Google Classroom
Version -
50 languages - all inclusive
Learn 50 languages using your native language!
I Tell You Spell
Spelling app with human voice to challenge your spelling skills with fun.
English Grammar Test
This grammar test is the best way to improve your English grammar knowledge.
How To Draw Animal
Version 1.0.15 -