Health And Fitness Apps And Games For Android

CodeCheck: Food & Cosmetics Scanner
Check whether your food & cosmetics contain allergens or unhealthy ingredients
ANT+ Plugins Service
Enables ANT+ wireless communication for ANT+ enabled apps.
Huawei Health
Your chief exercise and health Expert.
Samsung Health
Lifestyle companion to track your fitness, weight, diet, food & sleep.
Home Workout - No Equipment
Home workouts for fast bodybuilding at home - no equipment needed.
4K Nature Relax TV
Nature Relax TV in 4K/Ultra HD Nature videos for relaxation, meditation & sleep
Mi Fit
The official app for Mi wearable devices
Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit
Turn your steps to 'sweat coins' - digital currency to make you fit and active!
Pedometer -  Step Counter Free & Calorie Burner
Daily step counter, Free Pedometer & Easy 🔥Calorie Counter help Lose Weight.
Yuka - Product scan
The app that scans food & cosmetic products.
Lose Weight in 30 Days
Lose weight fast with scientific workouts and a healthy diet in 30 days.
Six Pack in 30 Days - Abs Workout
Effective abs workouts with different levels, LOSE FAT & GET 6 PACK ABS at home.
Drink Water Reminder: Water Tracker & Alarm
💧Drink water reminder with Water Tracker, Water Alarm, and Water Intake Record.
Period Tracker, My Calendar
Remind your next period, fertile days. easy to conceive or birth control
Keep Yoga - Yoga & Meditation, Yoga Daily Fitness
Fully relax and Keep fit with Keep Yoga - Yoga Daily & Meditation & Fitness.
Runtastic PRO Running, Fitness
Your free personal fitness tracker for running, jogging & other activities!
Fastrack Reflex
This application helps you connect to your Fastrack Reflex.
Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter
Daily step counter, Free Pedometer & Easy 🔥Calorie Counter help Lose Weight
Period Tracker Clue: Ovulation, Period Tracker App
Fertility, period tracker. PMS, menstrual cycle, ovulation app, period calendar.
Period Tracker Flo, Pregnancy & Ovulation Calendar
Flo Period Tracker, PMS, pregnancy week by week, ovulation calendar for women
LG Health
You can see your daily exercise info with tips and challenges.
Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal
Lose weight with MyFitnessPal, the easiest calorie counter and macro tracker
Track your activity on Lifelog, the clever health & fitness tool on Android.
ameli, l'Assurance Maladie
Make your steps without moving with ameli application!
RunKeeper - GPS Track Run Walk
Track, measure, and improve your fitness.
MedPlus - Medicines & Grocery
MedPlus on line pharmacy/Medicine and general store app.
Arm Workout - Biceps Exercise
Want to Lose Fat, build Arm Muscles at Home?
Want to get Strong Arms in 30 days?
Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking
Want to take charge of your health? Let Google Fit help you reach your goals.
Female Fitness - Women Workout
Keep Fit & Weight Loss at Home! The BEST women workout app for female fitness.
Twilight: Blue light filter
Blue light filter for healthy circadian rhythm - gain one hour of sleep
Get a personalized health consultation with AskMD, and get better care.
Fitbit is dedicated to helping people lead healthier, more active lives.
Buttocks Workout - Hips, Legs & Butt Workout
Hard to train your butt and legs? Start this most EFFECTIVE exercise plan.
Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax
Join the millions discovering the life-changing benefits of meditation with Calm
Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Night Shift
Help you sleep easily and protect your eyes by reducing blue light🌛
Body Editor - Body Shape Editor, Slim Face & Body
Best Body Shape Editor with breast enlarger, waist slimming, six pack abs, etc.
BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts
Simple & Effective Workouts for Weight Loss! Includes Meal Plan!
Calorie Counter by FatSecret
Diet and Weight Loss Tracker with Meal Planning and Food Nutrition Calculator
ManFIT - Muscle Building with No Fitness Equipment
Bodybuilding, muscle building, power training plans. Home workout, no equipment!
AI companion for mental wellness
Notify & Fitness for Mi Band
Continuous heart monitor, track activities, phone notifications on your mi band
30 Day Fitness Challenge - Workout at Home
Take 30 day challenge at Home to improve fitness and health.
Huawei Wear
Your chief exercise and health Expert.
Results - Strength Training & Bodyweight Workout
7-45 minute bodyweight workout & crunch fitness. Download your fitness trainer!
Strava tracker: Record running, cycling & swimming
Running tracker, cycling routes & trail map: record activity & track distance
Sleepo: Relaxing sounds, Sleep
Sleep, relax and meditate with relaxing sounds of nature, rain or white noise.
Runtastic Running App & Fitness Tracker
Get your running trainer & track your first run today!
Home Workout - No Equipment & Meal Planner
Improve health and fitness at home with no equipment - scientifically proven.
Blue Light Filter & Night Mode - Night Shift
Top rated blue light filter to protect your eyes and improve your sleep 💤
Pacifica - Stress & Anxiety
Anxiety, stress, & depression relief based on CBT & Mindfulness Meditation
Six Pack in 30 Days
Ab Workout To Lose Belly Fat and Get 6 Pack Abs at Home
Runtastic Mountain Bike PRO
Tracking app & cycling computer for downhill rides, mtb tracks, bmx dirt biking.
Vivo Meditação
Guided meditations to improve their quality of life with a true master.
iband, love sports, love yourself!
Water Drink Reminder
Did you drink enough water today? It‘s good for your skin health and weight loss
FunDo Pro
Sports Health Funlive
Under Armour Record
UA Record: Exercise Smarter, Feel Better, Live Longer
Abs Workout - Home Workout, Tabata, HIIT
Build abs at home. Start free abs workout plan.
Daily Workouts - Exercise Fitness Routine Trainer
Your own personal trainer wherever you are! Quick and effective workouts!
Endomondo - Running & Walking
Make fitness fun with this personal trainer and social fitness partner.
Daily Yoga
Version 7.12.00 -
The official CVS/pharmacy® app for prescriptions, ExtraCare® coupons and photo.
My Tracks
Version 2.0.11 -
Nike Run Club
Nike Run Club - Your Perfect Running Partner
Monitoring exercise, heart rate monitor, monitor sleep, Intelligence Alerts
Training or running foot race? The application running mate to partner the best!
Tools & Amazfit
Version 4.2.4 - cz.zdenekhorak.amazfittools
Runtastic Push-Ups PRO Trainer
Version 1.12 -
Runtastic Road Bike PRO
GPS tracking app for cycling, track your race, workout or tour with your phone!
YAZIO PRO Calorie Counter
Version 1.4.7 -
Freeletics Bodyweight
5-30 minutes workouts. Bodyweight only. Work out anywhere, anytime.
iCare Health Monitor (BP & HR)
Version 3.6.7 - comm.cchong.BloodAssistant
Polar Flow – Sync & Analyze
Sync your Polar devices with this app to analyze your training and activity.
Family GPS Locator for your Phone - Safe365
Take care of your family members with the family locator Safe365 📲👴👵
SpeedVPN Free VPN Proxy
SpeedVPN, Best Free VPN proxy.
One click to connect, multi locations to select
Version 1.8 - com.azizoglu.pedometer
Lifesum: Food Diary, Meal Planner & Diet Tracker
Eat healthy & lose weight! Calorie counter, nutrition tracker & macro calculator
طفلي لايف-حاسبة الحمل والولادة،رضاعه وتغذية بيبي .
Pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy weeks, pregnancy calculator, baby feeding, baby stories, mothers' forum
A free, easy-to-use Pedometer app!
Perfect for walking and dieting!
iCare Health Monitor Pro
Version 3.6.0 - comm.cchong.BloodAssistantPro
YAZIO Calorie Counter, Nutrition Diary & Diet Plan
Food Tracker, Calorie Counter, Meal Plan & Nutrition Calculator to Lose Weight
Egg Recipes
Version 1.3 - com.piclabs.eggsrecipes
Mi Band Master
Awesome application for working with a smart bracelet Mi Band and Mi Scale
SnoreLab : Record Your Snoring
Record and track your snoring with the No.1 snore app. Sleep quieter and better!
حياة Hayaa - حاسبة الدورة الشهرية, أعراض الحمل
Menstrual cycle, pregnancy symptoms, bleaching face, signs of pregnancy, ovulation days, skin care
Home Workouts Gym Pro (No ad)
Home Workouts Pro is a professional guides by video animation 3D
Testing heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure and fatigue measurement.
Bluelight Filter Pro - Night Mode
Version 1.4.3 - com.eyefilter.nightmode.bluelightfilterpro
8fit Workouts & Meal Planner
Fitness & nutrition made easy
Period Tracker, Ovulation Calendar & Fertility app
Track period & ovulation, know your next period day & pregnancy chance.
Mi Bandage - Mi Band & Amazfit support
Mi Band 3, Mi Band 2 &Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Cor support
Bluelight Filter - night mode
Get the best FREE blue light filter to protect your eyes and get better sleep.
Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App
Count steps, track health + walk off calories FREE. Sync w/ MyFitnessPal, Fitbit
Headspace: Meditation & Sleep
Just a few minutes can change your day
Argus Calorie Counter Diet, Activity, Step Tracker
Best to count calories, lose weight, track heart rate, activity, workouts, diet
Relive - Your Outdoor 3D Videos
Free 3D videos of your running, cycling, skiing and other outdoor adventures.
Insight Timer - Free Meditation App
The most popular app in the World for Meditation, Sleep, Anxiety and Mindfulness
Blue Light Filter & Night Mode - Night Shift Pro
🏆 Top rated blue light filter to protect your eyes and improve your sleep 💤🌛
Abs Workout
Hard to flatten your belly? Use the EFFECTIVE abs workout to trim your waistline
Fabulous: Daily Motivation & Habit Tracker
Proven to Sharpen Your Brain, Skyrocket Your Productivity & Enhance Your Life 👍