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Your simple and beautiful alarm clock for Android

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Developer: Google Inc..
Version: 6.0 (225848421) (60100212)
File size: 5.56 MB
Uploaded: 2019-01-24 03:53:06
Requirement: Android 5.0 and up
MD5: 9fddcfdbdc9a935460c5ce63d8e33cbb
Malware: TRUSTED
SHA1: 38918A453D07199354F8B19AF05EC6562CED5788

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Clock combines all of the functionality that you need into one, simple, beautiful package.

• Set alarms, add timers and run a stopwatch

• Keep track of time around the world using the World Clock

• Pair with Wear OS devices to bring your alarms and timers to your wrist


  • • Wake up to musical alarms from Spotify


Clock androidClock androidClock android

Clock's Reviews

the recent timer App update is awesome

Let us change the alarm sound!

I hate it

The recent UX changes are an improvement. Something as simple as adding a border around the alarm label really helps me parse the alarm info more quickly/easily. The "Repeat" feature in alarms is also very useful. I also like the "lap" feature of the stopwatch. Guess I'm in the minority, but I really like the new font better -- find it more readable. I'm giving the app 4.5 stars but not rounding up to 5 stars because of some minor UX issues in the "Clock" and "Timer" sections. Wish Google's other recent UX changes to apps like Chrome, Contacts, and Phone were as useful as the changes here.

On (Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite Android one) with Android version 8.1.0 and clock version 6.0. I setup the alarm clock to see if it works. In flight mode and normal use works fine. But when I switch off the phone the alarm never goes on. If I switch the phone on 1 or 2 minutes later than the exact time, then the alarm starts to ring. Is it possible to find a solution so that the alarm can start ringing even when the phone is switched off?

I love the Spotify integration, I just wish playback with it weren't so flakey. When I choose a playlist that I haven't saved offline in advance, there's basically a 50/50 chance that it'll actually play it for the alarm. If it's an issue with deep sleep, the clock should try to cache the tracks further in advance. And if it can't play the track it randomly chose from the playlist, it should do a best effort, and find another that it can play, i.e. if Spotify already has parts of the playlist available offline

This clock works well. I have custom fonts and my favourite colour is blue, I have no problem with fonts or colour. v_v Ok, I'm on marshmallow so I have to put the app on the whitelist of the task killer and I set it to auto restart so no need to open it again if phone is switched on. You can set Spotify playlist as ringtone. It served me well for a couple of day already. Guess, I only have one thing to say +1.

I really like the latest update with Google assistant but there should be an option to play music like it is in predefined Google voice commands (okay google, good morning). Also I don't know why but for some reason timer doesn't work for me. It starts to count down but it often fails to remind me that time's up until I turn on display on my smartphone. I hadn't this issue for a while now so it's not a bug in the latest update.

Absolutely love the UI of this app, as well as the option for a Google assistant routine. I just upgraded to the pixel 3 yesterday after having an HTC for 6 years, and I am amazed at the things this phone can do! The only thing stopping me from giving this app a 5 is not having the option to play music after dismissing my alarm. I love the podcast option, but I wish there was an option for spotify as well!

I too am having the issue where since the recent update, alarms just don't go off in the morning. They go off if you set them for a couple minutes time, but in the mornings nothing. This is not the first time this app has had this issue. Seeing as it appears to be a recurring problem I can no longer trust it, and so will be switching to a third party alarm app.

App interface is simple, great and stock. But the app does not do its work that is ringing the alarm I just set the alarm for 6:00 a.m. the morning but unfortunately this app did not read and I was late for office just for the Google clock and since is an alarm clock and its not even ringing that is its task where it is supposed to do as so I am sitting back to Samsung clock I hope you will fix this in the next update so that it never misses an alarm

Why does Spotify work with the alarms but my Google play music subscription I pay for every month does not? This seems like a very thoughtless mistake on your part. Should I switch to Spotify? Someone needs to make an informed recommendation to whoever is in charge of this apps oversight. One star until this is resolved.

Alarm did not go off this morning. I listened as my wife's went off which is set for the same time and waited, nothing. I got a missed alarm notification. My alarm has been the same forever. My Bluetooth is off, audio is turned up on all sliders. Audio is verified working. I put off the last update for a while because I was afraid this would happen. As soon as I updated it starts acting up. They added too many features and now the app is unstable, great job.

So.... Spotify support.... But no Google Music support? I think that's SO cool how you roll out features that are only available on your own hardware, Pixel 3. And not even older versions of your own hardware, just the latest version that most people don't have. It takes LESS effort to make these features available to everyone by just leaving out the hardware version check, but Google puts it in there anyway.

Uninstalled, my alarms have not been going off ever since the app was updated. The new UI design and font I am somewhat indifferent about but the failure of the alarms going off is a critical bug that I hope would it be patched sooner rather than later. For the time being I will be returning to my default alarm app that came pre-installed.

I have been using Google's clock app for years. As of two nights ago, my alarms are not going off. They are being switched off before the time they are set for. This is an unacceptable bug for something as critical as an alarm. Using on an original Google Pixel XL.

The app is great but as far as I can remember it has the same look and UX design. Come on Google make it look a little exciting it got boring now. Make few changes to the default stock apps not just the clock but other apps too. Make them colorful, eye-catching because it Doesn't look as eye catching compared to other manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei or even Apple. Looks pretty old and boring to some extent. Many thanks.

I love this Android clock app so much when it came loaded on a previous Moto phone, that I installed it on my new LG G6 phone... but what's missing is that there is no shortcut to volume control, so I have to dig deep into the clock app settings for that... so can an alarm and timer volume control be added to the phone's volume shortcut that is activated by the side volume buttons?

Great alarm clock, no ads & easier to set than my phone's factory clock. The only thing I don't like is the alarm snooze, which requires swiping in one direction for snooze or other direction to cancel - too easy to get it wrong & accidentally cancel when you were trying to snooze! Tap to snooze, swipe to cancel is more logical when you've just been awoken. All others I've tried do it that way, for good reason.

Excellent clock app. The only clock app that I will ever use. It would be so wonderful if Google could incorporate YouTube Music rather than Spotify. Actually quite rude to force customers to pay for a non-Google service as well as not even offer a separate choice.

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