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Hide and Seek for OnlineTogether Hide&Seek

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Developer: iGene.
apk: com.igenesoft.hide.apk
Version: 18.1.1 (18011)
File size: 73.28 MB
Uploaded: 2019-01-20 02:48:02
Requirement: Android 4.1.x and up
MD5: ea8eb86bef10642b5f20de70f9a34b55
Malware: TRUSTED
SHA1: BF7D9EF21018A2C13EED27A9A89C138AF329C1C0

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Live online hide and seek!

Hide and seek game in which you hide and find others live with many players

Become an object and hide well like you were part of the map from the beginning.

Become it and find the hidden objects.

[Game Features]

Real-time online multiplayer game

If you survive for 3 minutes as an object, you win

If you find all hidden objects that are tongue, you win

Level Up System

Please send your inquiries by e-mail


  • Some bug fixes


Hide.io androidHide.io androidHide.io android

Hide.io's Reviews

*ALERT ALERT ALERT* I thought this update fixes nickname-changing bug?? I can't change my own nickname though i have enough coinss FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY OR IT WILL BE SHUTTED DOWN P.S I DIDNT CHANGED MY OWN NICKNAME IN A SINGLE SERVER

Its a cool and fun app one thing is there are a few hackers one punched me through a wall one WALKED through the wall i believe that the one who punched me through the wall was an AI (DDT) also they game lags and restarts my whole game sometimes so yeah other then that this game is awesome!

Warning: Sexual predators are using this game. Do not let children play.

Terrible, Gross, doesnt even deserve one star

This game is so addicting!! Love it and this game has good graphics 😍😍

i am afended a computer name was kkk so can you get rid of the youser name and i think it is rasest

Cool but they should also put for offline

where is my old account ??

can i not play on computer?

I highly recommend this game to my friends and family.

Very fun! though, it could be better



think your skin and tail upgrade is pretty annoying... It disappears after you got a good one :( if you make the upgrade like it fails but the tail/skin won't disappear, I will give this a five star. Cuz it makes me feel like I cant take it that it will disappear like that I have to watch too many ads to get a good one. Pls respond to this.reply if you did change :3 I would likely play it if you could...

I like this game alot! I wish we could create our own skin even if I was using an outside app and somehow transfering it to this game. If I find a skin but I accidentally click again then i just lost it, as well as coins. I also think we should get more objects to hide as! I'm so glad this is it's own game!

I like playing the game, however, there is so much anonymous bullying/vulgarity that are excessively exchanged in the game chats. Although, you are able to hide/mute the chat, you can't dismiss the fact that there are those who willingly allow these things to happen, especially young kids who may be gullible and naive. Please prompt yourself to the potential risk of cyberbullying or the exposure of overused vulgarity. That's all I wanted to share, but over all, the game is pretty alright. 👍

Addictive af, I've stayed up all night playing it. My only complaint is there are hackers, i suggest you make the game do something more than scream -Hack Detected!- at me over and over.

Too many ads. Sometimes lag. Need luck to upgrade tagger or tail hide. Sometimes when tagger push or on me , it say "out of map". Some new map , I get new skin hide but I can't control and it say "out of map". But I enjoy this game.

This game is very satisfying, despite the lag and glitches, I love it! Since I've been playing with this when I was 6 years old still playing it till this day, Some old memories now- I am in level 356. I love this app! Thank you.

Can you please don't make upgrade fail. It suck I waste 10K because of your stupidity. You ruin my day please stop making upgrade fail turn into a normal seeker but instead don't do anything

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