Carrier Services 19.0.228387622-carrierservices_V19C_RC09 APK
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Carrier Services

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Developer: Google Inc..
Version: 19.0.228387622-carrierservices_V19C_RC09 (30075453)
File size: 15.15 MB
Uploaded: 2019-01-24 04:50:02
Requirement: Android 6.0 and up
MD5: 093caec1afb432cb2c8fad0a3410ccd2
Malware: TRUSTED
SHA1: 6DDB6673E07F05A1BECE93343651AD167FADDC10

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Carrier Services enables the latest communication services from mobile carriers, including battery-optimizations and support for enhanced features in the Android Messages app.


  • ● Bug fixes and stability improvements


Carrier Services androidCarrier Services androidCarrier Services android

Carrier Services's Reviews

Koi app dual neai horahe hai

What can I say, life changing!

Download update takes toooooo long


Absolutely amazing app, having myself die two years ago this App brought me back to life as somebody else. Amazing with the added unintentional bonus of now being able to see the complete plans of the Uks sewer system at a simple swipe of my screen, superb...


I have no idea what is this app supposed to do. It's being presented as the app that's supposed to do what Phone and Messages are doing, but they work all the same even after I disabled it. Since it's not present in any of my other Android devices, I might even uninstall it. Unless Google would care to explain why we should keep it. I appreciate all your jokes in the comments.

The only app you really need on your phone. As a mystery ingredient to cocktails it makes your glass phosphorescent, and adds a je-ne-sais-quoi to the flavour. A not very well-known feature, it doubles up as a spare pooh-pooh bag if you've forgotten one when walking the dog. Words fail me, simply amazing!

You really want my opinion on what u can't seem to fix ever? Well, I absolutely hate with a purple passion anything that is linked with flippin Google... You flippin suck big time, taking up all the free space on my phone. Don't ask me again!!! Got it

Just added a Chromecast device. Having a wifi choking bug... Despite the Google Home App bugfix supposedly available. Neither my router manufacturer nor ISP should be responsible for firmware to fix an app that DDoSs the router. This app, by definition, should apply the bug fix. It has not. Please fix or send me to the fix.

Google dev who took the screenshots is using a super old android phone. POOR FORM! Upgrade and I'll increase my rating Edit: They actually did it. Here's your five stars

Bell Canada and Google... It's a shame that most useful features of Pixel phones are not available yet on Pixel phones... - Advanced Text Messages - WiFi Calling - Call screening Samsung and other devices are ahead of Pixel.... This isn't a real Google phone experience... Doesn't provide satisfaction to continue with Google & Android

What more can I say? My parents and I had an argument one time because I haven't fed the chickens. It really made them upset and they made sure that I realize my mistake (I haven't). What they did not know is that I was so caught up with this app that I forgot about my chores. Five stars for user experience, zero for making your parents happy.

Stupid app. Keeps messing with my operator settings. Cannot use call waiting/forwarding settings, sms service numbers keep vanishing, and Google's continued apartheid towards phone settings cause nothing bit frustration.

Carrier makes the best large building air conditioners available, so Google is really helping with getting the HVAC working right across the USA, and in time for the hot summer we are expecting. But the on switch isn't intuitive in the app so only four stars.

This app changed my life! What a joy to use. I went from single to married just by using this app. It changed my whole attitude around. I'm more likable at parties and more likely to go out of the house thanks to this app. Amazing!

Like they say , With great power comes great responsibility; And there's no other app in playstore which takes these words more seriously than this app. Beautiful, elegantly built and wonderfully optimised. This app is extremely addictive. There's such an amazing depth to this app that my words fail to do complete justice. Thank you Google 👏👏 For making our lives better one step at a time😄

I dont know if is my device hardware or this app, but I'm having a very strong signal, even on places when signal is hard to reach. Love it! Please keep it like this. No need to update it anymore.

Terribly disappointed. Everyone raves about how wonderful this is. So far it has failed at every opportunity. It has not carried our shopping home for three consecutive weeks now. Our diet is in a perilous state now we are on the last of the tinned cat food. It has failed to carry our prescriptions and there have been multiple outbreaks and we are ostracized from polite society. My wife was enraged but too weak from hunger and bed ridden with an unusual case of boils she was unable to stop me giving it another go. Big mistake. I took my daughter for a walk but her ricket legs could not take a step further. Delirious and enfeebled having only eaten cat litter for the last week I thought this app would carry her home. Not a bit of it. My wife is now seeking a divorce citing my unusual desires in the bedroom. Which you cannot directly blame on this app but I am sure it has a bearing on the matter.

Honestly, I was lost without this. Homeless, alcoholic, quite frankly, a pitiful sight. Then I saw these great reviews for this app, and thought; "yeah, why not?" And here we are. Riches, fame, being able to carry stuff; the dream has been realised. Google can service me any day if the week.

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