Cricket Visual Voicemail APK

Last updated: 2019-01-20 19:26:00

View your messages and play them in any order. Reply via call or text.

Direct Download Android Cricket Visual Voicemail APK Version View your messages and play them in any order. Reply via call or text.

Cricket Visual Voicemail Android File Information

Developer: YouMail, Inc.
apk: com.mizmowireless.vvm.apk
Version: (330100081)
File size: 4.69 MB
Uploaded: 2019-01-20 19:26:00
Requirement: Android 4.4.x and up
MD5: 534c862e9d7805a6a547b1434d7c76ea
Malware: TRUSTED
SHA1: 70730BA849ED3F224A437289F5EE5BFD3D603EA6

Download Cricket Visual Voicemail APK


Some voicemails are important. Others are a waste of time. We designed Cricket Visual Voicemail to help you see your way to the messages that matter.

Visual Voicemail lets you:

· View a list of your voicemail messages

· Play, delete, or save messages in any order

· Pause, stop, replay and fast forward messages while playing

· Reply to messages by returning the call or text message

· Easily change your recorded greeting

· Save important messages to your phone or memory card.

· Easily export voice messages

Important to know: Receiving voicemail on the Visual Voicemail app will not count against your high-speed data quota. Downloading this app and responding to voicemails using email will count against your high-speed data quota.

During initial setup the app may send a free one-time SMS to your Cricket Voicemail service to authenticate your account.

Problems Upgrading?

Don't sweat it! We’re here to help.

Some phones may have an incorrect device setting that will cause problems during the upgrade. If your phone has a problem, just follow these simple steps:

-Open your phone’s Settings.

-Under Applications, tap Call.

-Under Voicemail, tap Voicemail Settings.

-Tap Voicemail Number and change it to 8133823347 (or +18133823347).

-Tap OK to save your changes.

Now go back to the Google Play store and download or update the Cricket Visual Voicemail App.

If you still need help, chat online at or call 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) from your phone.


  • New version resolves network connection error from 06/28 release.


Cricket Visual Voicemail androidCricket Visual Voicemail androidCricket Visual Voicemail android

Cricket Visual Voicemail's Reviews

Important message from a doctor in my voicemail but I can't access it because of you, Cricket. This could potentially be the voicemail telling me that I have cancer. Because of the callback number I can only speak to the operator of the five offices that I go to so they don't know which doctor called me and because it force closes everytime I click the voicemail it may never be heard. I may have never been more upset in my life than I am right now!!

NOTE: Rating is only a 1-star due to the most recent Android update. Since then, in a Google Pixel 2 that is on the Cricket network, the app does not work. When loaded, it will only display a network connectivity error, and will not receive any new voicemails. Have contacted Cricket and they do not have an ETA for a fix. Emailed the app developer and never heard anything. When this was working, it was a fantastic app that was very similar to how iOS natively handles voicemails. Being able to see them and handle them without having to call that seriously outdated automated voice system. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Doesnt let me listen to half my messages as it's still processing it for days, with a buffer circle instead of a okay button. When you can oush okay, it continuously stops playing, you can't just listen to the while thing. A 39 second choice message can take 10 times pushing the button and repushing the speaker if you want loudspeaker instead of phone ear speaker. Either way speaker or war mic, you can't listen to more than 2 seconds of a message at a time.

My S5 Active with Android 4.4.2 will NOT refresh VM at all anymore with current VVM app. I have to call to hear any new VM. My father has S5A with Android 6, and has the same delay and play problems everybody else is reporting. If so many people are having problems with new version, why can't they roll back to prior version that worked until they fix the new?

Will not work with my Google pixel. I absolutely hate listening to vms and that is part of the main reason I chose to stay with Cricket because of the vm transcription. Please fix ASAP. I am starting to think Cricket isn't worth it anymore because any benefits you have don't actually work like this app and the deezer app I paid extra for that was completely useless to me. Very disappointed with my service lately and am looking for another carrier

The 6/28 update has rendered the app useless. Cannot change settings, cannot get voicemails, keeps giving a flashing 'no connectivity' message (despite full service and wifi available). Needs to be fixed ASAP . Update 8/29: Still no fix for all the issues. App is essentially useless at this point. Please fix !!

It never transcribes my voicemail messages. In addition, I have to tap the controls twice every time I use this app to get them to work. After tapping the speakerphone option twice, then tapping the play button twice, the message stops playing after a few seconds for an unknown reason. This was both before and after the latest update was installed.

The thing I really do not like about this app is the fact that when I am listening to voicemails on speakerphone, the thing just automatically turns off speaker, and stops playing my messages. If I wanted to play the messages on earpiece, then I would. And I really hate that I'm getting cut off sometimes not even mid message and then the app starts switching to earpiece and cutting me off. This needs to be fixed, or I'm going to have no other recourse but to look for a different Visual Voicemail app. I have been bothering with this thing since I started Cricket service, and I think you guys really need to fix it.

Takes multiple taps on the controls to get them to function. Have to tap play at least two times to get it to play voicemail. Voicemail stops playing two to three seconds into the voicemail then I have to tap play a bunch of times to get it to continue again. Same issue with the speaker function. The touch screen interface doesn't function very well. This application needs an update very badly. Please fix this app.!

Fix! I had trouble getting this working on my Razer Phone. Tried many times on and off in the hopes an update might fix it. Eventually found a fix. The issue seems to be newer versions of Android needing explicit permissions. Go to Settings > Apps > Cricket Visual Voicemail Scroll down to permissions and enable the permission for the app to modify phone settings.

This app is awful. Every single time either my wife or I try to listen to a voicemail (on completely different phones) it stops playing after the first 3-4 seconds, that's all assuming it will connect to the voicemail to begin with. I would much rather forward my VM to Google Voice, but of course Cricket wants to force you into their awful VM app.

One of the worst visual voicemails I've ever used. Random pausing during playback (usually six seconds in for some reason). Having to press actions multiple times. Major issues when playing new messages from a number when you still have older messages from the same number. Buggy and problematic.

Never has worked right, now it's worse. I've always had the trouble that it wouldn't play through an entire message without stopping and turning off the speaker. Now it force-closes the app every time I try to listen to a message. Hope they aren't important...

Not responsive to touch most of the time and stops playing multiple times during playback. I think it's because it doesn't download the voicemail fast enough and doesn't show a progress indicator, so you don't know what's happening and you press play multiple times. Speaker turns off when playback pauses.

It never works. When I go to check my voicemail either it won't load it and will do that loading thing for about 10 minutes before it crashes or it immediately crashes and says try again later. I haven't been able to check voicemail on over 3 months 😡

7/12 Fed up. Disabled this abhorrent app. 7/11 update. Still horrid. Syncs messages now, and error messages are gone. App now screws up my Bluetooth connectivity and ringer volume setting. Also multiple key presses still needed and messages stop playing back mid-stream. I still consider it totally broken and hate it with 1 star. 7/2 update. Let's see how it works. Error messages seem gone now. Hope it is fixed. Will update review once app is fully tested. Totally broken after update. No connectivity and cannot be completed at this time error messages. After previous update, full of annoying bugs. Get this thing fixed once and for all because right now, it is garbage.

Piss poor app. Touch response is retarded, meaning you have to touch the button three or four times before something finally happens. When it does finally start playing your voice messages, it does so for only 6 seconds, then cuts it off there. You have to touch the Play button after three or four times before message playback resumes where it was cut off. Also, it never refreshes with new voice messages unless you tell it to, another process that takes 10 seconds to initiate because of the retarded, non-responsive GUI. I've had it with Cricket. I'm jumping over to Project Fi.

Not working in Android Pie on Essential phone. Says to check APN settings which are correct (checked online / I can send and receive MMS). Changed voicemail number to one listed in description. Cleared app data, cleared cache, reinstalled. Nothing worked.

App simply hasn't worked for months now. What's worse is even if you try to set up a different voicemail to text system like Google Voice cricket wireless have said they don't support call forwarding necessary to make it work. If you won't allow people to use apps that are actually functional and get updated then you should AT LEAST allow them to use services that work! Another example of how cricket wireless is run like a piss poor company despite being on AT&T's network.

Why is this app so sketchy??? I have to tap buttons multiple times before it will perform any functions. EVERY time I play a message, it stops after about 10 seconds and I have to hit the play button (multiple times) to start it again. Voice to text translations are also typically hilarious, so thanks for that.

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