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Last updated: 2019-01-23 20:38:02

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Developer: MockOne Performance.
apk: org.prowl.torquewidget.apk
Version: 2.0.1 (201)
File size: 544.81 KB
Uploaded: 2019-01-23 20:38:02
Requirement: Android 2.0.x and up
MD5: 6d10e1cec97ad6c22d0e012a989e000f
Malware: TRUSTED
SHA1: 7D00F90FD993B9C7B6C030990EA71EA78987AFD5

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Get vehicle OBD engine information as a widget on your home screen!

This is an add-on for Torque Pro, the OBD2 car app for monitoring your vehicle engine management data. You can find Torque on the Android Market

It lets you display the various dials and widgets from the app on your android homescreen! Monitor all the standard OBD2 sensors as you can in the app such as coolant, RPM/Revs, Transmission temperature*, knock retard*, MPG, HP and Torque!

For example, you could have a trip fuel cost widget displayed on your homescreen, showing your total trips fuel cost (perfect for when your kids are using dads taxi!)

There is an on / off toggle widget that you can also add which will pause the homescreen widget updates and to control the startup of Torque itself. Turn the widget off, Torque will shutdown, turn the widget on and Torque will start up automatically.

This widget needs the Torque OBD app, and will automatically start Torque to run in the background as a service (the app has been optimised to be very power efficient). It will then automatically connect to your vehicle when you start a journey and start showing information!

Supports phones, tablets, and tablets running honeycomb

Please note: Using launchers like ADWLauncher/TouchWiz may result in slow updates of the widget, the developers of those launchers will need to fix their code so it can update the widget faster. Works fast with the default launcher that comes with Android

* = capability dependant on vehicle.


  • This plugin is configured to automatically start Torque by default. There is an on/off OBD toggle widget to stop this behaviour! - simply add the 'OBD Toggle' widget!
    * To turn the widget (and Torque) off if you dont want it starting automatically, use the 'OBD Toggle' widget which is also part of this app - simply add the toggle widget (it's just like a wifi toggle widget)
    * Long overdue update to support new devices
    * Added 'tiny' 1x1 widgets (plus a few other sizes)


TorqueWidget androidTorqueWidget androidTorqueWidget android

TorqueWidget's Reviews

Short review: doesn't really work. Long review: a great idea, but spends more time doing nothing than working. Every other widget works beautifully, and torque itself works fine but these widgets spend most of their time doing nothing at all or just displaying hyphens where the data should be. In short: skip it.

Great Applicatopn I use this app daily, only thing that's missing is the ability to have graph widgets, as I found these to be the most accurate for things such as boost and afr

Great add-on for Torque users when the widgets work. Sadly, they commonly freeze.

Can't personalize scales. Can't choose units. Very very limited for a payed app

Prefect! I can add widgets of my favorite gauges right on the home screen of my head unit!

Great update Thank you so much for tiny widget. Just what I needed.

I set all my custom pids with Celsius but widgets convert to Fahrenheit what a waste

Widgets Frreze Widgets shrink and freeze on Note 5.

Lack of updates Great addon for Torque, but it looks like the developer abandond this project.

Doesn't work for me, Keeps saying Torque Pro isn't installed

The obd toggle hasn't worked forever now. Are you going to fix this? S5 and s6 active

There needs to be a way to toggle the widgets through tasker or something

Nice to be able to customize the widgets

Doesn't work B

These widgets are close to perfect. I just don't like the lack of customization for the widgets. Like, the "trip time" is awesome, but it only counts/displays seconds. It should be smart enough to switch to minutes, and hours on a long trip. Like saying 5m 2s, instead of 300s. If more customization was added to allow for this, it would be perfect. (looks awesome on my NU3001 car head unit otherwise)

Awesome WHEN it works Using Torque on a 7" tablet I use solely as a car tablet. The Torque app works great! However these widgets work only 35% of the time. They look great on my homescreen when they are working but not worth buying to only have them work occasionally. The switch widget is pointless and has no affect. I leave Torque running pretty much all the time. The widgets just randomly decide to work then decide not to work again for a while.

PLEASE UPDATE These widgets are great in theory, but he seems to have abandoned it. The last update was for Honeycomb OS and it seems to force close itself 100% of the time. I'd pay 10 bucks for these widgets. If they actually worked. Get your refund until then!

Please Don't Stop Development Ian, I hope you read these :) Thank you for the update! The widgets are now following the theme for me. Now that it is working perfectly, we need to introduce more features.. :D Need ability to customize the gauges like within Torque, . Can you make a Display Configuration for the widgets? Using Nova Launcher and Torque Widgets, I have been able to really make a really awesome layout. Cheers!!

Doesn't work on Galaxy Tab 7.7 Works well. Sometimes certain widgets get stuck and don't update for a while, but I don't know if this is due to the app or my engine ECU

Works 40% of time Freezes data, doesn't reconnect when torque is exited, etc. Really buggy

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