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Last updated: 2019-01-22 20:43:51

Stream the highest quality music by track, artist, or album - ad-free.

Direct Download Android TIDAL Music - Hifi Songs, Playlists, & Videos APK Version 2.11.2 Stream the highest quality music by track, artist, or album - ad-free.

TIDAL Music - Hifi Songs, Playlists, & Videos Android File Information

Developer: Aspiro AB.
apk: com.aspiro.tidal.apk
Version: 2.11.2 (885)
File size: 12.68 MB
Uploaded: 2019-01-22 20:43:51
Requirement: Android 5.0 and up
MD5: fb036e7799cd70eb780d780034770c1e
Malware: TRUSTED
SHA1: 4A4271A5234894D8366B8BF4E2176688D11160FD

Download TIDAL Music - Hifi Songs, Playlists, & Videos 2.11.2 APK


Stream your favorite songs and discover new music on TIDAL with the largest streaming catalog available, completely ad-free. TIDAL members can download tracks and music videos to listen to and watch offline.
TIDAL is an artist-owned global music and video streaming platform that values bringing artists and fans together through exclusive music, livestreams, and content experiences.
TIDAL is a premium, music streaming subscription service. Try 30 days free and cancel at any time. Read below why we're the best sounding music entertainment platform in the industry:
Stream your music
From pop and hip-hop to rock and Latin, play your go-to albums and discover new songs with our unparalleled Hi-Fi catalog. Create a playlist or try one of ours – hand-curated by music editors and the artists themselves. Even listen to a radio playlist based off of a certain track.
Highest quality audio available
No compromises. Just pure audio and video. With the TIDAL app’s lossless audio experience and Hi-Fi sound quality, stream pop, rap, rock, hip-hop, Latin and more the way the artists intended – or listen offline.
Anytime. Anywhere.
Download your songs and take them with you offline – even without WiFi or LTE. Use the app to listen to whatever Hi-Fi album, playlist, Latin mix, or radio station you’ve kept on repeat.
Completely ad-free
Stream music the way artists intended with no interruptions – from pop songs and albums or our hand-curated playlists.
TIDAL for Android TV
Get the same TIDAL sound and video experience, directly on your television. Stream exclusive music videos and concerts in stunning HD. TIDAL for Android TV is designed to provide the best audio and visual experience possible on large screen devices.
Artists at work here
Celebrate artists and music insiders with hand-curated playlists, original podcasts, artist interviews, video series, and behind-the-scenes documentaries. From Latin staples to new figures in pop and rock, TIDAL takes a deep dive into sound.
Be the first to livestream music and videos you can’t get anywhere else. Take new music with you offline, or stream TIDAL’s New Releases playlist.
Be our plus one
Whether we’re livestreaming a concert or hosting an exclusive music event, TIDAL X ensures members get access to music events. TIDAL X events showcase music from rock, rap, Latin, hip-hop, and every genre in between.
Import your playlists
Easily transfer playlists to TIDAL from any streaming service and directly from your files. Download your favorite rock albums, pop songs, Latin artists, or rap tracks to listen offline without WiFi.


  • Introducing My Mix. Update your TIDAL app to listen to our new personalized playlists. My Mix is an easy way to enjoy more of the music you love.


TIDAL Music - Hifi Songs, Playlists, & Videos androidTIDAL Music - Hifi Songs, Playlists, & Videos android

TIDAL Music - Hifi Songs, Playlists, & Videos's Reviews

Best collection of PRINCE in digital mode. Lost some valuable albums recently, hope they come back. Paired with a HTCu11 DAC. PHENOMENAL! Worth the extra $5 monthly. One problem no widget for my m9 or 10 but it is available on the HTCu12, however it's not very responsive! What's with that? I hope the HTC u11 will be supported

Update : tidal has totally killed it(in a good way) with the new my mix Playlists feature. Rivals spotify discovery feature and completes the app. It is now truly the GOAT. Great app. Easy to use. Absolutely love the sound quality. Finally something that has good quality streaming. I have used Spotify, prime music and Google play music. Tidal is hands down the best. Things tidal should add 1. create an app for Google home/echo 2. Have more specific genres for easier music discovery. & more

Tidal would have to be the ultimate streaming audio app for those who have good quality headphones and or are listening through a decent pair of home speakers. The CD quality leaves other streaming apps for dead and the Master quality is insanely good! I'm talking DVD Audio good!!! Not for everyone of course and the price is a little high, but for us audiophiles it's pure heaven!!

From 2 to 1 star. The last three updates have complained of connection issues and has rendered playback useless. There are no internet connection issues for any other app. I have to turn on and off my phone whenever I start the app in order for it to work. Please fix.

Very good I luv the HIFI quality, but there is a hugeeeee lack of suggestions (the songs recommendations are terrible). Not much of playlists like daily & weekly, new ones from your favorite artists, sleeping songs & more. You can't download songs individually in an album.

Best audio quality available, user interface has gotten better with time, i need to see MQA on mobile, and a one button solution for adding songs to library....personal thing but it wouldnt hurt to be a bit more anime/game soundtrack friendly. Update 12/21/18: They've added all of the things i originally said were missing lol. Way to listen to your base guys.

The music is good and there is a large collection but I can't listen to more than 3 songs without having to restart the application because it will not play the next song. I even had the songs downloaded so it is not streaming the songs and it will just stop working. Going to stop paying for this.

great work. thanks for adding the ability to download all songs in 'collection' please add the ability to search the songs that are only in my collection as it's super useful when I can only remember part of a title of a song and means I don't have to scroll through my massive list hoping I can find it. the new daily mixes are also great, but needs a little work before it's as accurate as Spotify in knowing what i want to listen to!!!

BRING THE CROSSFADE BACK! I pay too much to not have the CHOICE for a simple feature. I don't care about the feedback about other people. How can you have a "Mix" and can't even fade in and out of songs? It's also effecting my business.

not convinced by the extra sound quality and the pricing model. i can get 5 Spotify accounts for 75% of 1 hq sub however app look and feel pretty good. Yt and spotify could learn a few things. nice!

Do these new "mixes" ever update? I'm bored with them all ready. You should hire me to make playlist. I would definitely enhance your selection of rock playlist. I know Jay-Z can afford to hire me.

can't update payment info. called my bank no issue with my card. tried several times. well looks like I'm going to a different music app.

Really annoyed that if i get a phone call whilea song is playing, thesong has to be started over again rather than continue. Writing this, I'm in the 3rd time this song has restarted. Prime music has the same feel without this annoyance.

App is getting annoying. I use it via bluetooth in my car. The only time I have to listen to music. At 1st use it works, I get to my destination of course I have to turn it off, but then when I get back in my car and want to listen to music again the app won't play. I reset/force stop the app multiple times and nothing. I restart my phone & the apps works again. I shouldn't have to restart my phone everytime to listen to music. That's bs. I know it's not my phone because it's a newer phone Note8

steadily improving but still more issues than there should be. for example, I've had playlist playback issues where if i select a song midway through a playlist, the list just starts there (so if i have the list on repeat I only have some of the songs repeating). also had playback issues with songs where the song fails to load. there's great song selection here for rap and r&b that isn't available in other places, which is the only reason I keep the service

Great update. Sound quality in HIFI streaming the best. With my decent quality earbuds I can clearly hear mids lows easy and distinctly not just the highs like in most other services . Doesn't just sound all muffled in all together with the singing voices . Background Instruments have a crisp clean clear sound. The voices I mean people that are singing in the songs sound very clearly distinctly from one another . No muffle or mediocre sound quality with Tidal HIFI. I recommend.

I like service. Especially the high quality is nice. I have the hifi subscription for the master quality and I was quite negatively surprised that master quality is not available in mobile version because I mostly listen on the go. Is it ever coming to mobile? Also the searching is quite whacked.

Tidal is pretty good for streaming; but, occasionally stops playback or refuses to play certain songs. The track selection is also extremely redundant because of the inclusion of regular albums, the deluxe version of the same album, live performances, and compilations. A quick example, within 2 hours of listening to Pink Floyd's "Artist Radio" I heard the same song twice (it wasn't even a particularly popular song).

The tile at the top of my Android phone cannot be cleared. Just got a "cannot connect to service error". The app feels a bit immature.

Please fix your playback issue. It's pretty frustrating when you want to listen to songs and it doesn't play, even the downloaded ones. I like the quality of the songs that are provided, but what's the use when it cannot play your favourite songs on demand even when its downloaded.

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