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Free music & podcasts streaming: dance albums, disco hits, pop, hip hop, & rap

Spotify - Music And Podcasts android

Direct Download Android Spotify - Music And Podcasts APK Version Free music & podcasts streaming: dance albums, disco hits, pop, hip hop, & rap

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Developer: Spotify Ltd..
Version: (41946017)
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Uploaded: 2019-01-23 19:44:14
Requirement: Android 4.1.x and up
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SHA1: D6A6DCED4A85F24204BF9505CCC1FCE114CADB32

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Music for everyone

Spotify is an online music service that lets you play songs from a library of more than 20 million tracks, build playlists, and get recommendations from other members or from Spotify's own suggestion engine.

The free streaming option lets you listen to any artist collection or playlist—you cannot, however, play a particular song on demand. For that, you'll need to upgrade to the $9.99 per month Spotify Premium, a tier that also grants unlimited skips, commercial-free music, the new Running tool, and an offline listening mode.

The app (free, with an optional $9.99 per month Premium service) opens the door to collaborative playlists, on-demand music playback, commercial-free listening, and cool new features for runners.

Spotify features a panel-driven layout that makes it a breeze to browse the various genres, which include Rock, Decades, Urban, and Pop Culture. There are also a few others, including several videogame-themed stations (something Slacker Radio lacks).

Tapping a top-level category opens several subcategories. The Urban section, for example, has dozens of playlists such as Hip Hop Monsters, and Produced by The NeptunesPharrell. Swiping left lets you access playlists, your friends list, and other areas.

You can stream or cache tracks at a deliciously high 320kbps, called Extreme Mode. Regardless of the bitrate you select, you'll enjoy loud, crisp audio. Spotify also supports gapless playback and cross-fading between tracks so there aren't any abrupt pauses.

There are millions of songs on Spotify. Play your favorites, discover new tracks, and build the perfect collection. You’ll find readymade playlists to match your mood, put together by music fans and experts. Hear this week’s latest singles and albums, and check out what’s hot in the Top 50!


  • We’re always making changes and improvements to Spotify. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.


Spotify - Music And Podcasts androidSpotify - Music And Podcasts androidSpotify - Music And Podcasts android

Spotify - Music And Podcasts's Reviews

Best music streaming app out there. But I took one star off since every time I log out, I can't simply log back in. No other account of mine gives me as much trouble to log in. Not one single other account. I've come to the conclusion (somewhat assumption) that this is a way to get me to log in with Facebook. wont happen. Tidal is starting to look pretty good right about now. keep it up guys.

something happened with my playlists where i still have over 600+ songs on one but it wont let me preview them all. It only limits me to at least 50 songs that I can see are in that playlist and it will only let me listen to those 50 songs. Unless i organize them differently, then in that case i can listen to different songs but im still limited to 50. My account also has unlimited skips but i still have to see ads and i dont have premium. And it doesnt help my situation what so ever.

The GOAT of streaming apps. Spotify should add a feature where you can stash songs you want to listen to at a later time. These should not be in your saved songs though because you have to remember song names etc. that way. Example of why this would be great: You're loving a playlist and found a new artist on it. You want to keep listening to the playlist but also want to listen to that artist. You could go to their page and "stash" some of their songs or the artist's page as a reminder to go back later and listen to them.

Closes randomly in the middle of songs and podcasts. Cannot connect to the internet despite having full bars on mobile and wifi. This is literally the only app I have trouble connecting to the internet with and its been happening for months. It was a great place to keep all of the things I enjoyed listening to, but now I can't actually listen to anything. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Turned my mobile data and wifi off and on multiple times. The app stays updated, but nothing has fixed this problem.

I love using this app! it has all the music, clean and explicit, all in one place. You can organize it all with playlists, which is pretty efficient. However, my playlist feature stopped working? Whenever I want to create a new playlist, I will insert a name, but it'll tell me "Something went wrong". I can't add to already existing playlists and I can't view the playlists I created. Definitely 5 stars if this is fixed!

Good experience overall, i love it. One thing needs improvement, the output audio is a little bit too low compared to G Play Music. For example the same song on Spotify compared to the above mentioned seems lower in volume with the same or different device. Probably a software update will fix it. It has, in my opinion, too much headroom and less focus.(hint: overall output gain).

If you dont have premium you just keep getting pop ups until you buy it. Press 'not now' enough times and the app will close. I get wanting to push your product but this turned me right off it! Spotify sure wont be getting any of my money!

The newest UI update is questionable at best. when playing a downloaded personal playlist the album art looks like is did before, but when playing a public Spotify playlist it changes to a modern design. Also, fire whoever put the sort by menu in another menu, that's not what android users want, we want function over form. The sorting doesn't even work, I cannot change it from ascending to descending.

If you are willing to pay for a music streaming app, this one is the one. The free version was not bad too. Everything works perfectly fine, all the songs i want is there, i love the dekstop version too. The music quality is good. And last but not least, we need a better music request that are not available on spotify. Btw for people who are facing the app keep buffering or loading eventhough your wifi is strong enough, just reinstall the app, it works perfectly for me, atleast. Thats all good day

i love Spotify i just wish that they would make it slightly cheaper. all the music streaming apps i wish were cheaper. like $4.99/mo instead of $9.99/mo bcuz not everybody can afford that and listening to music is probably of the top 3 coping mechanisms in the world for people to maintain happy healthy mental-health status. just saying. i love it tho.

great app - on the computer. On the phone I can't listen to my songs in a specific order, only shuffle is available and the freaking system adds musics on my playlists, that I don't want to. I turned autoplay off but it still played musics that I didn't ask for. If I have to pay for it to function properly like in the pc, I'm out. Sorry, but I won't bother myself with something that pisses me off.

First off coming from Tidal and Groove this is by far superior to either. Having said that there are still a few things I would like changed or added. First I would love to play multiple playlists at one time. Just by adding a function of add playlist to currently playing would suffice. Next when I like songs on my radio stations I would like them to be added according to their station not just one big liked list. Other than that the app runs well, has many songs and many unique features like con

The only reason I rated this app 4 ⭐s was because I use the free version and it doesn't have all the functions of the paid subscription (that I used to have). It's really good though. The end-of-year playlists of all your faves is really awesome! I don't know of another music app that does this, or does it as well as they do.

It's my favorite but not the same. I have been a spotify fan for a long time. It was easier to use when it first came out. Click/play no problem. Now, I love it still but glitches are more often, with it shutting down. Maybe it's my phone and computer. I don't know. But would I reccomend? Heck yeah! They did what no one else did when it first came out: allowed users to enjoy personalized playlists that were available offline. I love trendsetting companies, that change the market. Because of that, despite the occasional glitches. I will forever be a spotify fan.

A week ago, I was successfully able to load the Spotify app on my Samsung Smart TV without issue. I tried pairing a 2nd Samsung Smart TV last night unsuccessfully, as it never displayed in my list of devices. Now the app won't load on the 1st TV that had been working. It simply displays the "Spotify" title screen. I have a great sound system setup with TV #1. I hate to think I'm going to be limited to using Spotify on my phone or desktop.

I love it because I created a playlist of various new age and ambient music artists. An awful lot of music tracks on it. Great for sleep music. That being said the app does have some technical issues, but not to a nerve wracking degree. Ergonomics could be better but it's a visually attractive app.

Absolutely the best music app I've used. Interface and features are best I've seen on any music app. I love the daily mix feature. Love the ability to play and control from any device (play on iPad and controlled with phone for eg. Basically multiroom) Never buffers, always plays instantly as if songs were stored on my phone. I listen to a lot of progressive psytrance and alternative electronic music and the selection is huge! I have premium and stream in highest quality. Improvements: I'd like to see a "remove from playlist" option from the now playing screen 3 dot menu. And what happened to the swipe down to quick search within playlist??? So frustrated this got removed!

On iOS this app is great. On Android it's a different story. It's extremely weird that a click on options the first alternative is "remove from this playlist" before "Queue". I don't believe I can find my queue either, which is just a major douche move by Spotify. They clearly put iOS users before Android ones. Please just make it easier to navigate. This is just feedback, I like Spotify, but is a drawback going from iPhone to an Android due to this IMO...

Bring back the radio button for premium users. It makes navigating ridiculously harder. Also, I love spotify and have used it as a premium user for years. I still dont understand why theres not an option to keep the screen on if its plugged in to charge. It would definitely make trips easier.

Omgg spotify change so much its been years since i used it back then and now i can only say i love it! But please the only thing i want is can u please add other payment option for the premium account coz many of the users dont have paypal or visa account.

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