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Last updated: 2019-01-21 15:12:02

The perfect SMS app - available across all your devices.

Direct Download Android Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) APK Version The perfect SMS app - available across all your devices.

Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) Android File Information

Developer: Luke Klinker.
apk: xyz.klinker.messenger.apk
Version: (233400000)
File size: 6.64 MB
Uploaded: 2019-01-21 15:12:02
Requirement: Android 7.1 and up
MD5: 5c92304c09ae11da91bde9263b3583ed
Malware: TRUSTED
SHA1: FD399C1FEB229B445046FE2DB4E0AD870BFDE646

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is a
, SMS and MMS app that is fast, secure, and packed with all the features and customization you could want.
Not only is Pulse the
, the app re-imagines your messaging experience by making your messages available, seamlessly, across all your devices. Send and receive SMS and MMS messages,
, anywhere.
No other app on Google Play can match our design, functionality, features, speed, or deep integration.
Don't care to use the app on anything but your phone? You won't regret your download. Pulse is free to use on the phone and is jam packed with features. Here is a small taste of what makes it the
- Unparalleled design and fluid animations
- Endless global and per-conversation theme options
- Password protected,
- Share GIFs with your messages, from
- Powerful searching through messages and conversations
- Automatic message backup and restore with an online account
- Preview web links
- Blacklist pesky spammers
- Delayed sending to give you time to edit or cancel messages you send
- Automated replies based on contacts, keywords, and driving/vacation modes
- Dual-SIM support (Android 5.1+)
- plus so much more!
On top of the web version of the app,
has native apps for tablets,
, and even
. Check out all of our platforms, along with screenshots, here: https://messenger.klinkerapps.com/overview/
If you are using the online service, I do have to store your messages, to make them available to you. All of your conversations are stored in the cloud using strong
. You never have to worry about your data leaking out and no one can see your messages except for you. With Pulse, you get privacy and peace of mind, right out of the box: https://messenger.klinkerapps.com/encryption.html
Pulse is completely
to use on your phone - with
- and always will be! To text from other devices, you can choose between a small subscription fee (with a seven day free trial) or a one-time payment:
$0.99 / month
$1.99 / three months
$5.99 / year
or $10.99 for a one-time purchase
The competition costs between $40 - $60
. With Pulse, you get the highest quality, at the best price.
Pulse is the premier web and computer messaging application on Android. Everything is instant, setup is a breeze, and it's design is unlike anything you have used.
Website: https://messenger.klinkerapps.com/overview
Help Page: https://messenger.klinkerapps.com/help
Pricing: https://messenger.klinkerapps.com/overview/pricing.html
Encryption: https://messenger.klinkerapps.com/encryption.html
Privacy Policy: https://messenger.klinkerapps.com/privacy.html
Twitter: https://twitter.com/klinkerapps


  • This update contains fixes for the Android TV application.


Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) androidPulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) androidPulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) android

Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web)'s Reviews

This app is amazing. Allows archiving (clearing up the inbox without actually deleting messages), which is a pretty basic feature all sms apps should have but most don't, allows scheduling of messages (including group texts). Also texting from PC for a reasonable one time fee. Only thing I would add is, on the web messaging, make a tab itself change as a notification that a new message has arrived.

It's good application and it can beat Textra if developer address two issues. 1. It's take time in sending the SMS, sometime message not sent for no reason, also many times it's doesn't show delivery time and status of SMS. 2. SMS schedule function is very tuff as compared to Textra, needs to be simplified. Then it will become 5 🌟 rating application even best ever SMS app.

I am revising my review upward because the latest iterations seem to provide more reliable image handling, which I had previously objected to due to unreliability. Everything seems to be working properly right now. I appreciate the continuing work on this by the developer, who seems responsive to input. I use this on Android phones and tablets and on Windows desktop and laptop PCs.

App is good, but lacking some must needed features. (like other apps do). Not very trustworthy with sending or receiving mms, some go through some don't. You never know if they go through or not unless you talk to receiver. Need an option to back up folder to external drive or device. Also needs a lock feature to lock a text so it don't get deleted by accident.

This app is the perfect app for texting on pc and on mobile. The only problem I have with it is that the syncing between pc and mobile isn't the best. The texts will not appear in the order they were sent/received which can get annoying. Otherwise, this app is amazing! Edit: I messed around with the time settings on my laptop and changed the time from manual to automatic and everything has been working as expected since! I can't see myself using any other app to text for a long time.

some font colors are wrong so settings can't be seen without highlighting them. i need to be able to customize notifications based on message content, which this app doesn't do. looks nice otherwise.

I thought this would be better than the android messaging app , but it's not . It may not crash all the time , but i never get notifications at all , and they're on. I've missed out on so many trying to get in touch with me , whether at work or not , and when i open the app, i have tons of messages. It's so hard to find a good , working text app.

It doesn't sync accurately with my actual SMS(s). Multiple times I've been sitting at my desktop awaiting a text conversation response, only to discover that response had been delivered to my phone, but NOT recorded in Pulse. The convenience of desktop texting is irrelevant if I can't communicate accurately and in real-time. (fast fwd 5min) I've also discovered my messages aren't always being sent. Is there a 'fix' for this? If not, this was a wasted Wasted purchase.

It's a great messaging app overall, I've been using it for about 6 months now and I'll stick with it for now. It has some bugs like when you use special characters (from languages like Spanish or French) the SMS converts in to multimedia message and it wont even send the message at all. But those are minor bugs, the app overall is great.

Only 2 things I don't like is there's no immediate time stamp & it's difficult to take & attach a photo because u can't raise the shade for full screen.

outstanding app that I'm using on a BYOD device with Verizon that was having trouble with mms using Android messages. Pulse works without a problem and I enjoy using the web texting feature for the paid variant

Best aftermarket messaging app available. And I have tried then ALL. Love the ability to use everywhere (computer and phone) as well as the ability to schedule messages. A feature that I realize Samsung has built in, but if you are not with Samsung, it is a super useful feature.

This app was the answer to my problems I have the Samsung gear s3 frontier smart watch which not sure if it was Samsung or something with the update but could no longer reply to SMS on the watch this app fixed all of that.

This neatly solves the issue of sms from non phone devices and makes some hat tip to being as private as sms is capable of, which is not very but at least no one is able to read them on their server or mine data from them until it gets to the other guys compromised device.

Reliable, functional, a great app. Developer is very responsive when you have a problem. I love it.

UPDATE: Has been working in Opera for many months. Sorted from web page as advised. (Doesn't work with Opera. Luke, when I use the web page OR the extension in Opera (via "Install Chrome Extensions"), my contacts do not load into my account. How do I send an SMS? I could read the number from the phone and type it in, but that defeats the object of the extension/webpage.)

Very clean app but is there an option so that the content of my messages wont be displayed on the lock screen?

Works much better than message app for Google pixel, but still not super compatible with contacys kf they have Apple phone.

it doesn't work. it won't send messages. it's moderately ok at receiving. I am actually uninstalling the app as a result.

Been using for more than a year. Tremendous asset being able to read and respond to texts from any computer or tablet i use. Functionality is improved regularly as new features are added. Highly recommend.

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