Psych! Outwit Your Friends 9.3.34 APK
Last updated: 2019-01-11 12:33:04

Introducing PSYCH!, from the creators of Heads Up!, an exciting new party game.

Direct Download Android Psych! Outwit Your Friends APK Version 9.3.34 Introducing PSYCH!, from the creators of Heads Up!, an exciting new party game.

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Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises.
Version: 9.3.34 (173)
File size: 49.53 MB
Uploaded: 2019-01-11 12:33:04
Requirement: Android 4.1.x and up
MD5: 7f01e56e9175d208787494a7fc243b2c
Malware: TRUSTED
SHA1: 4BC93A6E7AB93DE2114877F839A83EC4608C8308

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From the creators of "Heads Up!” comes “PSYCH!” – an exciting new party game to play with your friends!

Choose from a variety of fun categories in which each player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions. Can you choose the outrageous real answer among your friends’ fakes? Get points for guessing the right answer, and for each other player you PSYCH! into choosing yours.

"PSYCH!" is the perfect app for game night, road trips, or even waiting in line. So grab your phones, gather ‘round, and get ready for a gaming experience unlike anything you’ve ever tried! 


  • Did you know? The blob of toothpaste that sits on your toothbrush is called a nurdle.
  • More updates and improvements!


Psych! Outwit Your Friends androidPsych! Outwit Your Friends androidPsych! Outwit Your Friends android

Psych! Outwit Your Friends's Reviews

Good game, played again today for the first time in a few months but I don't remember getting as many adverts as I do now. Had at least 2 non skippable 30 second adverts whilst playing against my wife. Kind of ruined the fun

it is a fun game but with no time limits one person can high jack the game by not responding. we had one person take about five minutes to respond. it turned out she got a phone call! the game should proceed after 30 seconds with or without all participants

This game is really fun! My friends and I play every day at lunch, and come up with really funny answers, names, and profile pics. It would be nice if you could be able to have longer names, but otherwise it's great!

Only giving 3 stars because trying and failing to hit the "X" on the ad takes me out of the game. At least give us a way to re-enter the last game we were in.

The game is good! However, the ads r damn irritating..forcing 30 second ads after every round is not justified..some rationalisation is needed, even if its free version

Good game but the number of ads is unbelievable. Played this with my family and the 3 of us on android are getting 30 second ads every other turn and we can't skip them. The 2 members of the family with apple devices get shorter ads, less often and they can skip. Ads are necessary to support the developers but this quantity of ads is really taking away the fun.

I love the game but I hate the app. The idea is creative and it is v fun to play during casual hangouts/sleepovers or to play w your long distance friends but there are many factors ruining experience. 1. The game reloads EACH TIME you switch between apps no matter how long you're gone. 2. If someone leaves the gamescreen even after clicking continue, the game doesn't start until they're back. 3. The ads. They're 30 seconds long and there's no skip option. I'm not against ads but there could at least be a system (all players see ads at the same time at the start/at the middle etc of the game) instead of having to wait after every other round bc someone or the other is stuck watching an ad. There's so much scope for this app to improve and I earnestly hope that it does.

Dude! I reported the game twice! When I go to put in my profile picture it says "Psych! has stopped working". How do Y'ALL expect me to enjoy the game when I can't even put in a DAMN PROFILE PICTURE!! What is this?!?! If this continues, I'm uninstalling the app.

This game is great for breaking down communication barriers between friends and potential relationships! This game wingmanned right into a sweet as situation with a fine as lady ;) keep doing yo' thang you naughty thang xx

Horrible app! Had purchased all the cards in the app on a previous phone, but when I switched my phone all purchases were lost. Now I can't even! Unbelievable!

Great game. Shame about having to pay for additional levels even though I still receive adverts...but that's a minor criticism

There should be time limit for answering and picking an answer. If one person gets disconnected then other people are stuck

The game is indeed an interesting one....But it's not matching my OnePlus 5T device's resolution and parts of it are being trimmed off at the lateral ends of the screen. This is causing a little discomfort. Please fix this

This game is fun in person and of you have some friends at a distance that want to play with you. Just text them the passcode for the game you are playing. It is funny to see what others come up with and to psych each other out.

We like the app, but we paid for the app to avoid the advertisements. We understood that friends joining the game would also not be subjected to ad's but their game play is interrupted by ads. Not cool

Game is super fun to play with friends, but the ads are just too much, does anyone know a way to get rid of ads. I have friends who use Apple and android. Android has disproportionately more ads.

I was playing this game with business colleagues. The game booted me out. I could not rejoin. I was filled with shame in the eyes of others. It led to increasing hostility at work and kicked off a spiral of depression. Now I live in the woods. Blandiose. Sincerely Guff Guff

I know ads pay, but they are annoying in this game. Plus more options! So far it's great.

Overall great. Sometimes disconnects our games and we have to reboot them all to get us all back on. But it is a blast to be able to play such a great game and it is fun to play even when we aren't all together!!

Its a great fun game to play with freinds. However every time I open the app my phone restarts and cancles the game. I am not sure why this is happening. I hope its not a virus. I am deleting the game to see if it helps.

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