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Direct Download Android ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE APK version 8.3.0 (com.namcobandaigames.spmoja010E) developed by BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc. File size 52.32 MB

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE Android File Information

Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Games Inc..
apk: com.namcobandaigames.spmoja010E.apk
Version: 8.3.0 (120)
File size: 52.32 MB
Uploaded: 2019-01-23 07:30:13
Requirement: Android 4.2.x and up
MD5: 32e64d7497407d819553ca7716eea57b
Malware: TRUSTED
SHA1: D06DF89B97286BD0C3144E7C823D5BEE5496315C



Form your own pirate crew and set sail for adventure!

Use the simple tap controls to pull off powerful combos!

The world of One Piece awaits you!

-An All-New Battle System Made Just for Your Smartphone!-

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE features intuitive tap controls that’ll have you sending foes flying in no time! Tap your characters at the right time to form combos and deal massive damage! What’s more, each character possesses unique special abilities that make battles even more exciting! Re-enact thrilling showdowns from the original story using your favorite One Piece characters!

-Relive Your Favorite Moments from the One Piece Storyline!-

The tale begins in Windmill Village, where a young Luffy has his fateful encounter with Red-Haired Shanks. With each Quest you complete, another chapter of the epic tale unfolds, allowing you to experience the magnificent story of One Piece all over again!

-Form a Crew with Your Favorite One Piece Characters!-

Collect WANTED posters in battle and head to the Tavern to recruit new characters for your crew! There are tons of recruits available, including both major and supporting characters! Gather your favorite pirates and train them to become the mightiest crew to ever sail the seas!

-Perform “Tandem” Attacks to Deal Huge Damage!-

Chain together attacks with certain characters in a specific order to perform a Tandem attack that deals incredible damage to all enemies!

[Recommended OS Versions]

Android 4.0 or later


(1) Operation is not supported for models and OS versions other than those recommended.

(2) Depending on your usage, there may be cases where operation is unstable even with the recommended models.

(3) Regarding the recommended OS versions, although it says “Android 4.0 or later,” this does not guarantee that the latest OS version is supported.

For information on the latest recommended models and answers to frequently asked questions, visit:


Game © 2014 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

This application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder.

[Terms of Service]


  • Version 6.0.4 Update
    - Other minor bug fixes.




After the 8.2.4 update my game is still not opening on my yu yureka ao5510 model device running android version 5.0.2. It just keeps on crashing constantly. All other apps and games works fine. Fix these issues and bugs as soon as possible so that i can enjoy optc again.

big fan of the game its always fun to play. the latest update kinda ruined it though. the game worked perfectly before the dec 11 update now it cant get past the loading screen. would appreciate some help figuring out how to get it working again. ty

Why can't I play the game? I've played this before when it came out, but now redownload the game and it can't get pass the start screen plz help. that's literally the only reason why my rating is so low.

I love this game. You get to collect the characters, make your own crew, and set out on an adventure. If you are a One Piece fan, then you are going to love this game. I've played since the beginning. I've quit and returned to the game multiple times. My main problem with the game now is that we no longer have the batch download option so we'll have to deal with the constant loading screen for every new character we haven't gotten or checked yet. Another thing I want to point out is that the game has moved from F2P to P2P. In order to get overpowered Treasure Map units, you have to grind so much and it'll take forever unless you spend a lot of money to do a lot of multi summons in order to get the boosted units.

utterly trash the way you aquire charaters in order to clear content. im ashamed in how many times i have pulled and gotten rubbish. there should be much more free ways to aquire gems

From 5 star to 1. I have been player over 2 years now and Congratulations Bandai you just made the game a Pay to win game. This TM BIG MOM is sadly the toughest one. To get the trusty characters, its gonna take us atleast 5 or more pulls, and to do that with the 1/2 gems we get daily,it is impossible. Yea... Keep messing up the game and i'm quitting soon.

It would be a great game if all the bugs and the crash rate of the game is fixed. Everytime i select a specific character the game keeps crashing so i can't power up or even read the details of the character. The game doesn't even open sometimes just stays on the loading page forever.

Sadly the best I can give this game as far as a rating is a 1 star. I imagine the game itself is great, but when I can't get past the start-up screen without freezing its hard to give a good review. Also I am aware that I could google how to get passed the bugs, but as a customer I shouldn't have to.

From 5 stars to 1 star. After a break I wanted to play again but the app doesn't launch past the main screen, stuck on "Connecting". Simply unplayable and looks like I'm not the only one.

Been playing this game since release, i gave up for a year cos i wouldnt get any new pulls just trashy fake golds. finally came back to it only to find the new sugo level up thingy where the first multi only cost 30gems. i held my breath and got 3 new sugos and was over the moon, but not worth the amount of money ive pumped into the game. i truly love this game but old long term players should be rewarded for the garbage weve been givin over the years. 1050 cards that i dont even use.

Great game however Android users have seemed too have been cock blocked by the game I have been playing this game on and off since release though never had the game been so bad can't even access the game anymore even after emails sent too staff they just put you in a endless loop of try downloading with wifi 1. Makes no difference 2. Reboot device oh makes no difference 3. Uninstall and reinstall following step 2 after download still makes no difference

For some reason it freezes at the loading screen when I try to play. I have lots of free tablet space, I also uninstalled and reinstalled the game and signed out and back in. Idk what's wrong with it

The game does not load and I want to play it so bad. It would be nice if they can fix this bs problem

ONE STAR TREASURE CRUISE!!! Trying to rate your app one star but every time I put one star flicks back to five. Another 130 gems 3 pulls straight on Tesoro sugo. Not one rare except for the garuntee on third pull. I get raylieh hahaha. BS!

í lσvє σnє píєcє ѕσ σf cσurѕє í'll lσvє thє gαmє í dσn't líkє thє ѕummσnѕ pαrt вєcαuѕє чσu dσn't αlwαчѕ gєt whαt чσu wαnt σr nєєd tσ gєt thrσugh thє gαmє αlσng wíth thє fαct thαt чσu cαn't uѕє чσur σwn tєαm вut α cєrtαín tєαm tσ gєt thrσugh α lєvєl αnσthєr thєn thαt thє gαmє íѕ grєαt 5 ѕtαr rαtíng

The game keeps crashing and freezing on the home page saying "connecting" however nothing happens after that.

What happened to this game. After i update this to 8.2.4. Its always crashing everytime i want to log in. Im playing this for 2 yrs. And I rate this game so high so that you should fix this Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. As soon as possible hopefully before Christmas 😡

loved this game but can no longer play due to bug where i cant get past the starting screen pls fix fast and will change review

Used to love this game, now it wont move beyond the loading screen.

Updated the game to 8.2.4. now it freezes at the Opening screen.... not cool... fix it now


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