U+스마트홈 02.39.01 (23901)

com.lguplus.homeiot.apk, developed by LG유플러스(LG Uplus Corporation).
Last updated: Wed, 05 Jan 2022 1:51:42 UTC

Our house is everything you want U+ Smart Home lets you know the status of your home and family anytime, anywhere, and can control things automatically with your smartphone, voice, or automatically, saving energy and time, keeping your home and family safe, and keeping your body and mind safe. It is a comfortable service. * U+ smart home is available regardless of the carrier. * If you have signed up for U+ Smart Home from the customer center or U+shop, log in with your mobile phone number or U+ID. ■ U+ smart home device/service You can use it after signing up for the package at U+shop (http://m.shop.uplus.co.kr/mw/IoT/main) or customer center (101 without area code). [Herb] -AI Remote Control Hub: Connects not only U+ smart home devices, but also old home appliances in the house so that they can be executed by voice or remotely. [energy] -Multi-tap: Doubles convenience and electricity savings by controlling 4 home appliances at the same time! -Electricity meter: Save electricity by checking electricity rates, entering progressive stages, and comparing neighbors in real time! -Plug: Blocks standby power that I don't care about, saving progressive tax and electricity bills! -Switch: Safe even when you turn on the light and leave the house for a long time! [Safety/Health] -Pet Care: Exquisite Pet Life, U+ Smart Home Pet Care -My House Keeper: A package that prevents theft accidents caused by external invasion and even receives compensation -Air sensor: A sensor that informs the timing of ventilation by comparing the air quality indoors and around our house in real time -Momka: Comfortable camera that communicates with the heart through real-time communication -Door sensor: A smart sensor that informs intrusion through windows and doors by simply attaching it. -Gas Lock Me: Forgot gas valve, remote lock outside without worry! -Motion detection sensor: A sensor that sounds a siren and notifies a smartphone when motion is detected. ■ IoT home appliance You can check and control the status of appliances in real time without signing up for a paid package. You can purchase home appliances at U+Shop (http://m.shop.uplus.co.kr/mw/IoT/main) or at each manufacturer's retailer. -Somfy blinds/curtains: Electric blinds and curtains that open and close with a smartphone -Jun shade blind: Electric blind that opens and closes with a smartphone -Temperature controller (Cricket, Rinnai, Daesung Celtic, Honeywell): Temperature can be set anytime, anywhere. Simply replace the temperature controller without replacing the boiler! -Sunil Safe Smart Lucell UP: Check with your smartphone to detect abnormal conditions in the safe to see if there are valuable valuables anywhere. -Nobita IoT bidet: A bidet that can be used cleaner and more conveniently as the first IoT-linked bidet in Korea -Himpel ventilator: Smart doctor in my bathroom! Smart ventilator that manages bathroom air -IS Dongseo Bidet (Inus Bath): Convenient and comfortable smart premium bathroom package service -Cuckoo Electronics IoT Rice Cooker: Daily rice, cleaner and more convenient IoT rice cooker -Cuckoo Electronics IoT Air Purifier: An air purifier that analyzes the air quality of our house every day, from filter replacement notification and purchase to once. -Cuckoo Water Purifier: Smart direct water purifier that manages cleanly -Labyrinth Cleanpot Humidifier: Perfect cleaning for clean and healthy humidification, a gift for my precious child! -Shinil Fan: A fan that can be conveniently controlled with a smartphone without having to press it in close proximity. -LG air conditioner: Check the condition of the air conditioner from the outside and turn the power ON/OFF with the smartphone -LG Air Purifier: Even the ultra-fine dust and yellow dust accumulated while you were away from home are completely clean by remote control! -LG Robot Cleaner: Smarter robot cleaner! Smart house cleaning even outside the house -Samsung Family Hub refrigerator: Smart refrigerator that allows you to check temperature/door open anytime, anywhere -Samsung windless air conditioner: Check the condition of the air conditioner from the outside and turn on/off the power with a smartphone -Samsung Add Wash Washing Machine: Check washing machine status information anytime, anywhere and remotely control automatic execution -Samsung Blue Sky Air Purifier: Even the ultra-fine dust and yellow dust accumulated while you were away from home are completely clean by remote control! -Samsung Powerbot Robot Cleaner: Smarter robot cleaner! Smart house cleaning even outside the house -Samsung Chef Collection Electric Oven: To the world of Chef Collection! Cook more deliciously and smarter ■ Information on access rights [Required access rights] #Phone-Used when using the login function using a mobile phone number and the customer center phone connection function. [Selective access rights] #Microphone-Used when using the Mamka device's chat function and the entrance CCTV voice transmission function. #Contact-Quick button Used to register emergency call contacts and access the address book for adding family members. #Bluetooth-Used when registering a sleep lamp, sleep reminder device, entering a password for a sunil safe, and using the Homnet automatic access pass function. #Storage-Use the Momka/Petka function (screen save, 5-minute recording function, import petka profile photo, etc.), and use it to save the front door CCTV photo. #Location-Run according to my location, check the current location information when registering my home location, and use it when registering/deactivating some devices. #Camera-Used for taking Petka profile images. ※ If you are using a version below Android 6.0, it is not possible to allow individual selection rights, so it is recommended to update and use after checking if it is possible to upgrade the operating system of the terminal to Android 6.0 or higher. If you want to reset access rights after updating, please delete the installed app and reinstall the app. *U+ Smart Home App available operating system: Android 4.4 KitKat or higher * Please contact us for inquiries/inconveniences related to app service and we will do our best to solve it. (Customer Center ☎ 101) .

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  • Version: 02.39.01 (23901)
  • File size: 62.57 MB
  • Uploaded: Wed, 05 Jan 2022 1:51:42 UTC
  • Minimum Android version: Android 4.4.x and up
  • MD5: 556d66eb2c8cea4b619024c00f265898
  • SHA1: 4F287189C1811F80286A1D033F753078FB7DF797
  • Developer: LG유플러스(LG Uplus Corporation)

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What's new in 02.39.01 (23901) ?
  • 앱 안정성 개선
  • 맘카 페어링 절차 간소화


requires following permissions on your android device.


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