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Last updated: 2019-01-21 19:52:26

Featured File manager & App Analyzer which can explore the phones & computers.

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO android

Direct Download Android ES File Explorer/Manager PRO APK Version Featured File manager & App Analyzer which can explore the phones & computers.

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO Android File Information

Developer: ES APP Group.
Version: (10011)
File size: 21.49 MB
Uploaded: 2019-01-21 19:52:26
Requirement: Android 4.0.x and up
MD5: a84aba8d04067330e22176f1220503c4
Malware: TRUSTED
SHA1: 3B4CA20EF5761B671397099905146A592666FCE4

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ES File Explorer File Manager is a free app that helps you organize every type of file on your phone and make most of the limited space you have got.

With ES File Explorer File Manager, you have a quick and safe way to manage and open all your pictures, movies, apps, documents and music files and even open compressed formats like ZIP and RAR.

Organize your phone just the way you want by copying, pasting, renaming, deleting and creating folders for all your files.

With ES File Explorer File Manager you can even organize your device through Wi-Fi, using your computer, or transfer files to other devices through Bluetooth. You can also access cloud platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, among others, and organize your files there.

And it also has some extra features: you can clean your phones' cache, delete unused files and kill tasks that are making your phone slower without you realizing it.

Have complete control of everything by accessing the root of your phone and checking the entire file system and all its data directories.

With ES File Explorer File Manager and its endless ways to organize your phone, you can be sure that you're using the full potential of your android device.


  • 1. Increase the internal storage folder top function;
  • 2. Replace the setting page UI style;
  • 3. Add a new theme - dawn;
  • 4. What’s new move to the message box.
  • 5. Optimize the startup speed;
  • 6. Optimized the problem that the click area of the list view is too small;
  • 7. Fix related errors.


ES File Explorer/Manager PRO androidES File Explorer/Manager PRO androidES File Explorer/Manager PRO android

ES File Explorer/Manager PRO's Reviews

Indispensable for expert users coming from PC background who want full file management. I cannot imagine using a phone or tablet without it - with its many functions, it raises working with files to the level of Windows's F/M. There's file encryption, junk file clean, recycle bin, a text editor, Bluetooth file swap, even network PC access to files on device. Never any ads. A serious app w/smartly designed look & feel.

It used to be a saviour for when OS were not up to mark, quick responsive and handy. I used to use it as default file manager as well. Now too many ui development made it laggy with 2 or 3 gb ram as well. It's sloppy. Now as OS is getting better so are their file managers. I use this as backup file manager, in case I need to do something I can't do with default file manager.

Storage Space In Phone With All Previous Updates Was Only 70-90MB.. Now It SkyRocketted To 285MB+.. Tell Me What Drastic Changes Occurred In The Latest Update ??!?!

When we analyse the storage. One of them says 2GB of my storage is having Duplicate data. Okay, When i click on it, It shows both files, How can i delete only half of the files those are duplicates. If i click on mark all, All are marked. I cant go individually nd unmark all those which i need. So develop the app interface like when we click on the duolicate items, we should delete only the duplicate items not both original nd duplicate. I mistakenly deleted my 5GB that was showed as duplicate .

It still sends my data to some servers. I have a rooted device so i saw that es explorer connects to a unknown server and uploads files...when i blocked that particular server access, the explorer crashed and refused to open... It wasnt a ad was UPLOADING... probably if you are concerned of your data...avoid this explorer.. I have a screenshot of the usage access but cant display here

Nagware: started begging for a 5-star rating after 20 seconds of use. Since they're so desperate for ratings, I'm happy to oblige!

I've been using this app for years. This app hasn't updated since September 14th 2018. I find it strange there is so many reviews now December 5th and 4th 2018. But there is no update very odd.anyways I find that once in awhile ES file explorer freezes and hangs after opening from time to time and I have to force shut it down.and thank God for the dark thing I don't know what it is with Google what other apps were they have to have it all white and bright like having a flashlight in my face besides drains the battery faster. other than that is the best file manager that I found in the app store so far keep up the good work!

I have found this app extremely useful (although I don't use it extensively) - functionality is top notch and the built in text editor with various syntax highlighting was a pleasant surprise :)

Dude! Now we are speaking... That's good damn fast opening which was the only thing I wanted since, forever.. Awesome App.

Actually I wanted a file explorer, not an all-in-one tool! If you add functions that are not file manager related, you should keep them optional, I don't need many of these functions, but you are forcing me to waste precious storage capacity for them! Some of your monitoring & recording feel untrustworthy as well, furthermore your uncalled interference in power & storage issues along with repeated alerting is highly annoying! Focus on functionality and user friendly interface first, non-related functions are of lesser importance! PS: I WILL NOT JOIN YOUR FACEBOOK COMMUNITY, YOU HAVE ACESS TO ENOUGH OF MY DATA THROUGH THE ANDROID OP ALREADY, YOU DO NOT NEED ADDITIONAL ACESS TO MY FACEBOOK DATA! - my provided info is clear & concrete, there is no need to get facebook involved, if you intend to improve your product!.

Facing an annoying bug where renaming a folder on SD card destroys that folder. It gets converted to an empty file and I lost all data in it. Fix it ASAP!!!

ES file explorer is still as useful as it's always been, it's jut became vry slow With the latest version, and takes a lot time to navigate, and also crashes alot. still useful but unreliable.

Ask for review every update even if you already did, restore the annoying notice that i have to turn off every update.

In this version, the app will not open files properly when they are pressed. (Xmp Mod Player)

Blunt truth and easy fixes. While getting into files and ending something potentially dangerous. Wish the themes were optional without gimmicks.

First too many adds second how does this have 4.6 score there is just too much corruption in this app

Does great job of file managing between internal and external memory. Easy to clean up the clutter also

App has been freezing recently and for first time I'm considering another appeared

I Always use this app everyday! but I sometimes experienced a bug when extracting zip files.. ("Error Creating Path") I will give you 5 stars if you have fixed this bug..

The file encryption does not work on my new Xiaomi Redmi 5a

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